On March 3, 2021, the NFA release the following alert:

“Last year, NFA warned Member firms of an increase in fraudulent phishing emails in the financial industry. At that time, we were not aware of a specific NFA-related phishing attempt. NFA learned today, however, of an ongoing phishing campaign that involves fraudulent emails purporting to be from NFA staff, including Valerie O’Malley (see Sample Phishing Email below), Regina Thoele and Jennifer Sunu. Other staff member names may be used as well. These emails have a source domain name “@nfa-futures.org” and request an immediate response. They also may include an attachment.”

Sample Fictitious NFA Phish

FINRA similarly issued a similar alert on March 5th in Regulatory Notice 21-08.

How BW Cyber Services Can Help

BW Cyber Services is INTIMATELY aware of these types of phishing campaigns (which are rampant throughout the industry) and can provide quick, simple solutions to significantly reduce your risk of receiving these types of phishing attacks. BW Cyber Services offers a variety of services which can help reduce risk associated with phishing attacks. Our team specializes in cybersecurity program development designed to exceed regulatory expectations. Additionally, we perform mock phishing campaigns which can support your internal security awareness training programs by testing your employee’s susceptibility to phishing attacks which have been successful against your peers. Also, our team can provide custom-tailored cybersecurity training to your team to ensure they understand how criminals utilize phishing attacks to infiltrate your environment and/or effect fraudulent wire transfers.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact BW Cyber Services at info@bwcyberservices.com.