Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Empower your employees to be the first line of defense against data breaches and ransom attacks. Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training is live and interactive and led by our team of technical experts. Because we do forensics, we know how your employees will be deceived and how to prevent costly breaches that could disable your organization.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training is expected through many regulations. Complete your 1-hour Cybersecurity Awareness Training before the end of the year and we will apply the fee toward a cybersecurity assessment or policy review.

Custom Phishing Campaigns

The only way to truly prepare end-users to identify and thwart phishing attacks is to continuously train them. BW Cyber’s phishing training is designed to supplement and enhance an organization’s security awareness program. We use highly sophisticated phishing attacks that simulate the same attack techniques we observe and analyze during our countless forensic investigations. Our solution not only lets you determine a user’s susceptibility to attack but also provides effective training to individuals who are commonly victims of phishing.

Key benefits include:

  • Low-cost simplistic solution designed to educate staff
  • Reduce risk of compromise
  • Minimize susceptibility rate
  • Be aware of current phishing trends

Example of a Fake Breach alert. It appears to be from a member of your company, however, notice how the ‘p’ in company got changed to a ‘q’

Phishing email

BW Cyber designs a customized landing page for our clients to illustrate how criminals will steal employee’s credentials

Phishing email2

Answer These 7 Questions to Ensure Your Workforce is Protected