Security Testing Overview

Secure your data and eliminate vulnerabilities through objective cybersecurity testing.

Assessment Overview

  • Certified Professionals: Our US-based testing engineers are OSCP, CISSP, C|EH, QSA, GSEC, GCIH, GWAPT, and Security+ certified.
  • Satisfy Regulatory Compliance: Our methodology exceeds NIST, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, ISO 27001, GLBA/FFIEC, CIS, SEC, FINRA, CFTC, and NY DFS NYCRR500 requirements.
Penetration Testing

BW Cyber’s red team has extensive expertise performing Penetration Testing specifically designed to support regulated and unregulated organizations with key focus on emerging threats.

This streamlined technical security testing process perfectly complements a cyber program evaluation while providing exceptional operational value. A key differentiator of BW Cyber’s approach involves a comprehensively test of your entire external and internal infrastructure, including any “Shadow IT” systems exposed to the internet and perhaps untracked within your asset inventory. 

Vulnerability Assessment

A security testing process where the assessment team defines, identifies, classifies, and prioritizes vulnerabilities (e.g., weaknesses) within an organization’s network and assets.

Key objective is to provide the organization the necessary knowledge, awareness, and risk background to understand the threats to its environment and react appropriately. This testing process will also identify the health of your enterprise software patching and upgrades. Conveniently, results of this assessment can be parsed and displayed within your BW Secure™ cybersecurity portal.

Cloud Security Assessment

Detect and mitigate config weaknesses in your cloud architecture.

  • Generally cyber hygiene is determined as the means to appropriately protect and maintain IT systems while implementing cyber security best practices. With the mass migration to public cloud services, organizations often do not appropriately ensure the data processed and stored in the cloud solutions is adequately protected. Misconfiguration of cloud environments can put your data at risk and further your organization may not be in compliant with regulatory requirements and expectations.
  • If your organization processes or stores data in cloud-based environments (e.g., Microsoft M365/Azure, Google Workspace/GCP, AWS, etc.), a Cloud Security Assessment will validate how sensitive information is protected. BW Cyber’s specialists will perform a review of critical safeguards such as:
    • Access Control
    • Auditing
    • File/folder sharing permissions
    • Filtering
    • 3rd Party App integrations
    • Data Retention
    • & More
  • Upon completion, your organization will have explicit recommendations to consider implementing that will further protect the data you have processed and stored in a cloud environment.
Web Application Testing

Given their complexity, external web-based applications represent a unique challenge to the risk profile of an organization.

Modern web applications process and/or store increasingly sensitive data (e.g., PII, PCI, HIPAA, etc.) and as such it is vitally important to ensure that they do not introduce significant risks to an organization.

Web Application Testing is an ethical attack simulation that is intended to expose the effectiveness of a website’s security controls. In this assessment, BW Cyber’s assessment team will highlight risks posed by actual exploitable vulnerabilities in a website.

Mitigation Validation Retest

Ensure your remediation activities were successfully applied.

As an add-on to Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, or Web Application Testing, BW Cyber’s assessment team can conduct an additional phase of security testing once your organization’s IT support team has addressed initial findings. This extra round of testing ensures that none of the risks remain within the environment. This will help the organization be assured key concerns have been mitigated. Upon completion of the Mitigation Validation testing, the Security Assessment Report will be updated to show only the weaknesses which remain in the environment.

Firewall Configuration Review

Insecure firewalls expose your organization to remote attacks from across the Internet.

A firewall is the primary defense for your organization’s network perimeter. BW Cyber’s firewall configuration review evaluates a firewall device’s enabled configured settings and Access Control Lists to ensure your organization has sufficient network architecture and does not inadvertently have ports or services exposed to the Internet which have no business justification.

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