Create value and reduce risk across the entire portfolio company lifecycle.

Our Mindset

Cyber Skill Set, Business Acumen

Connecting cyber to the business starts and ends with understanding your business – how you make money…and what happens if you don’t make money.

Our Approach

White Glove, Blue Chip

There’s a reason why our clients call us first when crisis strikes. Our expertise is as extensive as it is accessible.

Our People

Uncompromising Integrity

When it comes to cybersecurity, you need someone you can trust will create value with pragmatic, effective solutions aligned with risk tolerance AND your value creation equation.


BW Cyber protects PE firms and their portfolio companies against the unknown unknowns with our thorough, “trust, but verify” approach.

When it comes to cybersecurity, you don’t know what you don’t know until it’s too late. That’s why you need to have a trusted partner committed to going the extra mile.

We move at the speed of PE – always making you a priority.

Our meticulous project management is always in sync with your workflows so that we can keep you one step ahead, every step of the way.

We speak the language of PE.

Unlike the other guys, our reports are actually useful. Risks are quantified in terms of dollars and cents, and next steps are clear and actionable.

Always efficacy-based. NEVER check-the-box.

We ask 10 questions instead of 1 because we refuse to take a commoditized, check-the-box approach.

Focus on value creation via pragmatic risk reduction.

The value we deliver often easily surpasses the cost because we’re pragmatic about the solutions we offer and the recommendations we make.

Protect portfolio value. 

Cyber Due Diligence

BW Cyber bundles IT and cybersecurity due diligence as a single workstream so that deal teams can reduce risk and negotiate with clarity.

Get visibility + measure program health | BW Secure™

Seamlessly manage and scale your GRC program with a real-time executive reporting dashboard. Learn more about BW Secure™ >

Cybersecurity Program Management

Protect asset value through proactive and comprehensive cybersecurity program management.

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Decrease business risk.

Make meeting compliance mandates easy. | Compliance Consulting

Comply with SEC, NFA, FINRA, CFTC, HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC, CMMC, and other compliance mandates.

Portfolio Risk Assessment

Protect asset value with pragmatic, effective solutions aligned with risk tolerance AND your value creation equation.

Continuously monitor your environment | Managed Security

Protect your portfolio with continuous monitoring against phishing, ransomware, and third party risk.


Manage and scale your GRC program with BW Secure™.

Our all-in-one regtech platform integrates advisory, managed services, and your technology security stack to offer a seamless way to manage and scale your GRC program with near real-time executive reporting dashboard.


How BW Cyber creates tangible value by reducing risk for private equity firms.

The Background

A PE firm brought in BW Cyber during an important acquisition to perform cyber due diligence on the acquisition candidate – a backup company for critical infrastructure.

Spotting the Risk

During the cyber due diligence process, BW discovered that the acquisition candidate – a company who offered backups to its customers – didn’t have industry-acceptable backups of their own. This issue is something that most “check-the-box” cyber firms would have overlooked. BW’s commitment to taking a business-first approach drove them to alert the client’s deal team.

The Outcome – Value Creation

Because the deal team was armed with new information, they were able to negotiate considerable concessions and legal stipulations for infrastructure improvements, preventing potentially existential issues down the road.


Our comprehensive services create value across the entire PE portfolio company lifecycle.


Avoid a bad deal.

Identify red flags, quantify risks, forecast budget post-acquisition implementation costs.


Uncover, prioritize and remediate cyber-related risks.

Get the big picture view AND the tactical action steps for risk remediation, alongside real clarity on budget and prioritization.

Hold Cycle

Plan, coordinate, and execute portfolio-wide strategic cyber governance.

Dive deeply into each portco, establish a risk rating for easy measurement, and get help coordinating and executing portfolio-wide strategic cyber governance with a fractional portco CISO.


Translate cyber strategy for acquiring entity to ensure a smooth exit.

BW Cyber ensures that cyber strategy will be one less headache to get the deal done by making cyber diligence a straightforward and friction-less process for any acquiring entity.

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Protect your assets. Grow your business.

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