Protect your data, your assets, and your reputation.

We develop strong Regulatory Cyber Compliance Programs and make sure they are accurately implemented.

  • Develop and manage Annual Cyber Security Calendar

  • Update Policies and Procedures

  • Project Manage Recommended Remediation

  • Ongoing Vulnerability Management (Internal & External Vulnerability Scanning)

  • Quarterly Status Reporting

  • 24/7 Incident Response

  • Helps Prevent

    • Email compromise
    • Fraudulent wire attacks
    • Data theft
    • Data ransom
    • Loss of data
    • Litigation risks
    • Operational disruption
    • Government penalties
    • Reputation risk

Our Annualized 4-Step Cyber-Compliance Program

Continually strengthen your program while maintaining oversight and visibility.

  • assess


    • Enterprise Risk Assessment & Control Evaluation
    • Identify vulnerabilities and gaps in best practices
  • null


    • 3-6 month vulnerability remediation project plan/oversight
    • Project management & efficacy oversight
  • null


    • Penetration testing & vulnerability assessment
    • Re-testing of critical and/or high vulnerabilities
  • monitor


    • Monthly or quarterly status reporting
    • Quarterly cyber governance briefings

Project or per annum pricing is available.

If you have suffered an email breach or wire fraud, BW Cyber can leverage relationships with law enforcement to help you immediately.