Empower your employees to be the first line of defense against data breaches and ransom attacks.

Even firms with the most secure IT infrastructures and protocols in place are still vulnerable if their employees fall prey to phishing and attacks. Employee awareness has never been more important, especially now with more than two-thirds of Americans working remotely.

Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training is focused specifically on the Asset Management Industry and the portfolio of companies managed by Private Equity. The training is live and interactive and led by our team of technical experts. Because we do forensics, we know how your employees will be deceived and how to prevent costly breaches that could disable your organization.

Your employees will learn:

  • Who is targeting them & examples of how they are being targeted
  • How to identify phishing & social engineering attempts
  • The most common & most successful attack methods
  • How wire fraud works & how to prevent it
  • The true cost of a data breach & how it would impact every member of your firm
  • And MANY more!

Complete a 1-hour Cybersecurity Awareness Training before the end of the year and we will apply the fee toward a cybersecurity assessment or policy review.

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A fraudulent link directing you to a fake login site

Our team used to tell clients to check the HTTP link but cyberciminals make it more and more difficult tell that it’s not actually a Microsoft website. Example to the right.

Computer with fraudulent Microsoft page