Kim Jong Un’s Cyber Army of Hackers are Waging International Attacks


Key Takeaways:

  • After COVID-19 suspended North Korea’s legal trading channels, their economy grew increasingly reliant on cybercrime to support Kim’s nuclear and missile program.
  • The cybercriminals target banks across the world, international militaries, and cryptocurrency exchanges to launder funds and data.
  • The US Office of the Director of National Intelligence believes that these hackers can likely cause “temporary, limited disruptions” to businesses and infrastructure in the United States.

Why it Matters:

  • Because they are acting on behalf of their government under the guise of an isolated state, there is little likelihood that these hackers can be effectively punished.
  • As they target US businesses and crypto trading sites, the danger they pose grows more imminent to American companies.
  • Though regulations surrounding Kim’s cyber army seem difficult to enforce, BW Cyber can help you protect your assets and structure a response plan for recovery. We can assess the risks facing your organization, conduct penetration tests, ensure your response plans are positioning you for success, and provide several other services to prepare your business.


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