Wire Fraud & Remote Workforce Protections

wire fraud & remote workforce protections

I’m sure you have received a phishing email from a vendor or client trying to trick you. And how often have you received an email to notify you that they’ve had an email compromise and to ‘be careful’? Or even worse, you’ve been involved in a wire that turned out to be fraudulent – only to realize that phishing was the root cause.

Now that we’re all working remotely, those events have escalated exponentially. And if one person within your company accidentally clicks on that phish – your company and your investors will be in the crosshairs of cybercriminals who make a living on wire frauds. 

Even if you think you’re protected from wire fraud, what about your investors? We are seeing the largest increase in successful attacks directed not at the managers, but at their clients.

The result: fraudulent wire transfers masquerading as Redemptions and Capital Calls that are brilliantly linked to the specialized language in the investors’ subscription documents. 

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