SIM Swapping: What It Is and How to Avoid It


A type of cyber attack called SIM swapping involves the hijacking and exploitation of a user’s private data through their phone’s SIM card.

Key Takeaways:

  • SIM swapping is a hacking technique where the hacker remotely accesses the victim’s SIM card to get into their accounts through two-step verification – a security method that calls or texts the user before permitting them to log in.
  • Hackers can overtake a SIM card by simply obtaining information about the target through malicious software, phishing, or even just by talking to that person and learning enough about them.
  • Scammers use SIM swapping for a multitude of reasons. From entering your social media accounts to draining your bank account, they can weaponize your data however they see fit.

Why it Matters:

  • The key to protecting yourself against SIM swapping is to exercise caution when giving information away, whether it’s on the internet or in conversation.
  • Keeping all social media accounts as private and secure as possible is important, but restricting personal information from most people in your real life is just as crucial.
  • Training your employees to recognize fraud in emails or other suspicious interactions is the first step to protecting your firm’s sensitive information.
  • Since SIM swapping occurs with personal mobile devices, securing all company information with multi-factor authentication and protected accounts is necessary as well.
  • BW Cyber offers training for all employees to equip them with best practices when dealing with sensitive information in addition to full consultancy services for your firm.


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