Ransomware Attack Strikes New Jersey County


A ransomware attack in New Jersey has disrupted local government services and key agencies for at least a week.

  • New Jersey’s Somerset County has been struck by a ransomware attack, interrupting the work of critical departments such as health, emergency, and law enforcement.
  • Impacted services of the county’s digital infrastructure include access to land and probate recordsemail and IT systems, and the mail-in ballot request system.
  • Local governments tend to struggle with ransomware attacks due to a lack of resources, making them a likely victim of hacks; the Somerset incident marks the 22nd ransomware hit on a US state / local government this year.


Smaller governments are an easy target for cybercrime due to their hindered ability to counter or prevent them – and ransomware isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Equipping local agencies with the knowledge, skills, and tools to protect their citizens and public officials is quickly becoming a higher priority across the nation.
The support of a third-party cybersecurity firm can provide continuous, enhanced training and technology so officials don’t just get the protection they need, they can learn how to prevent attacks themselves.

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Resource: https://www.cnn.com/2022/05/26/politics/new-jersey-somerset-county-ransomware-attack/index.html