WEBINAR: How to Avoid Wire Fraud in the Alternative Assets & PE Industry

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Webinar Overview

Wire fraud is on an alarming rise for alternative asset managers and especially private equity firms. Preventing these attacks starts with understanding how attackers use the internet and simple email tactics to trick employees, infiltrate systems, and impersonate vendors to perform fraudulent wire transfers that are never recovered.

Listen to our highly-informative webinar to learn:

1. How they do it: The tactics and techniques that cybercriminals use to target you and your vendors, investors, and portfolio companies

2. How to spot it: The subtle ways to spot attacks before they attack

3. How to stop it: Simple internal processes, low-cost internet alerting solutions, and recently evolving software solutions that detect and prevent wire fraud

4. The most effective tools + tech for wire fraud prevention: Evolving industry technologies to further protect and alert you when a wire fraud is directed at your firm or investors

5. How to recover it with cyber insurance: The four critical areas that all policies should include– social engineering, invoice manipulation, computer crime, funds transfer Fraud– but usually do not unless you ask

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About BW Cyber, LLC:

BW Cyber is a leading provider of cybersecurity compliance & related technical implementation solutions including wire fraud forensics in the PE & alternative assets industry. We address the most pressing cybersecurity issues facing SEC, FINRA, NFA, & CFTC regulated organizations- like how to become & remain compliant to increasing regulatory requirements, how to identify the most critical operational risks & most effectively use security dollars, how to prepare for a regulatory cyber audit, how to be prepared for institutional investor cyber DDQ, & how to prepare & prevent wire fraud risk. Our team has spent the last 30 years working in virtually every facet of cyber, from the trenches of the NSA to the FBI’s cyber financial crime unit. We’ve helped countless companies prevent tiny mistakes that turn into existential threats & recover from cyber/wire fraud events.

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