Okta Clients Targeted in Recent Cybersecurity Breach


Key Takeaways:

  • In a recent cybersecurity breach, hacking group LAPSUS$ leaked images of Okta’s internal systems, releasing the information of more than 300 customers.
  • Okta stated that LAPSUS$ hackers obtained the same level of access as one of their subcontractors, Sitel Group – but the hackers disagree. LAPSUS$ claims that their access was even more extensive, granting them the ability to reset passwords and use multifactor authentication.
  • LAPSUS$ has had other successful cyberattacks this year, targeting other data-driven firms such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Nvidia.
  • Microsoft has spoken out, stating that it has been tracking a “large-scale campaign” wherein LAPSUS$ continues to attack a string of organizations through extortion and data destruction.

Why it Matters:

  • While the big data companies may appear to be the primary target of high-profile hacks, many malicious groups are actually after the data of their customers.
  • This means that any organization that utilizes a security or data platform is susceptible to major cybersecurity breaches such as those made by LAPSUS$.
  • Support from a cybersecurity firm can not only protect your data from cybercrime but empower you to prepare for and respond to any attack that may come your way.


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