Investor Cyber Due Diligence

More frequently new investors will send requests for information regarding your cybersecurity program’s maturity level. In these instances, BW Cyber will work with you to develop a Cybersecurity Due Diligence Response that dovetails with your cybersecurity program. Without disclosing any critical information, the response will demonstrate to potential investors how your organization’s cybersecurity plan and related cyber implementation activities have been implemented in the form of a continuous cybersecurity improvement program.

Private Equity Portfolio Companies: Risk Assessment

Similar to our services to evaluate critical third-party vendors, BW Cyber likewise can evaluate the security posture of portfolio companies for which you have ownership and oversight or potentially are considering for a liquidity event. In this process, BW Cyber’s team will determine the maturity of the target firms security program, identify risks, and as appropriate recommend improvements to mitigate any concerns.

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