Growing Ransomware Gangs Begin to Arbitrate Disputes


Ransomware gangs implement arbitration systems following high-profile attacks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ransomware gangs that use encryption to hold victims’ data hostage targeted major institutions such as the world’s largest meat-packing company, the largest US fuel pipeline, and other high-profile organizations last year.
  • A new report on ransomware trends emphasizes the tremendous growth and specialization of the ransomware market; there are now hackers and arbitrators whose sole purpose is to negotiate payments with victims.
  • The same report details how ransomware gangs continue to improve their technical skills with one instance being their ability to target previously secure data storage systems in both cloud and critical US infrastructures (including the defense industrial base).

Why it Matters:

  • Major institutions and governments are no longer the sole victims of cybercrime; hackers are looking for targets anywhere they can find them
  • Companies are more susceptible to a breach than ever due to advanced processes by ransomware gangs.
  • Training your team and ensuring that your technology can prevent an attack is critical to the survival of your organization
  • BW Cyber offers security awareness and training as well as a host of other consultancy services to keep your company a step ahead of ransomware gangs.


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