BW Cyber April 2024 Monthly Newsletter


Does your company e-mail provide a warning banner when you receive e-mail from a sender outside your company? Specifically, this banner is displayed prominently and states something along the lines of, “WARNING, THIS EMAIL RECEIVED FROM AN OUTSIDE SENDER”.

Most likely, it does. This is a very common security alert that is meant to notify you when you are being phished by an external sender acting like an internal member of your company. Well, guess what; there are ways now for attackers to turn that message off when you open your e-mail.

Cyberattacks in the financial sector have risen sharply since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Global Financial Stability Report, a new report published in mid-April by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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LastPass, the password and identity management solutions provider, was recently the target of a voice phishing attack that was based on AI Voice Synthesis. This is the same type of attack that BW Cyber warns will soon become commonplace in support of investor wire fraud attacks.

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In early April, Bitdefender published a report that found vulnerabilities in the LG WebOS TV operating system that affected more than 90,000 LG devices. The outcome of these vulnerabilities is that your home TV can be taken over by an attacker.

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BW Cyber has been nominated for ‘Cyber Security Solution of the Year’ at the upcoming Hedgeweek US Emerging Manager Awards 2024.

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