Biden’s Cyber Warnings – What Do They Mean?


Key Takeaways:

  • Security experts fear that nearly all US industries are considered high-risk amidst President Biden’s warnings of Russian cyberattacks.
  • Among the most prevalent are energy, finance, transportation, local governments, and small businesses.
  • The FBI has alerted industry partners that at least five US energy groups have been scanned by Russian hackers.
  • Though financial institutions are more regulated than other sectors, the virtual shift to online banking has escalated associated risks.
  • As the least guarded target with the lowest levels of funding and expertise, small businesses and local governments are deemed the most vulnerable sectors of all; smaller servers and fewer regulations leave them with limited resources in the face of a breach.

Why it Matters:

  • Though all organizations need to strengthen their defenses ahead of Russian cyberattacks, those who are proactive and strategic with their cybersecurity actions stand the greatest chance against a breach.
  • Smaller businesses can best prepare themselves for an attack by assuming that they will be breached and planning accordinglyknowing your top threats and most susceptible areas can help to preemptively patch up any weaknesses.
  • One of the best tactics for an impending breach is to assess your most exposed areas and ensure they are removed or protected within your systems. Cybersecurity partners can provide vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and several other services to confirm your firm is protected against a cyberattack.


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