Alts Wire Fraud Webinar 2023

Wire fraud

 Join BW Cyber for an Innovative Wire Fraud Webinar: "Eliminating the Human Factor"

Wire fraud is one of the greatest risks for the Alts investment industry, which almost always comes down to lack of policy and human error.  Whether it’s a private placement, investor redemption, or capital call – wire fraud results in financial and reputational harm at an unprecedented level that is already set to surpass 2022. Join Michael Brice (President of BW Cyber, LLC and industry leader in Wire Fraud investigations), along with Anthony D. Mascia (EFSI), and Ryan Castle (Conduit Security) on Wednesday, January 25 at 12 PMEST to learn about how newly evolving technology enablement can significantly reduce your risk of wire fraud and remove the potential for human error associated with wire transaction approvals.

Wire Fraud Webinar
Wednesday Jan 25th
12 PM EST 
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