Why You Should Get A Penetration Test

Why You Should Get A Penetration Test

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A Penetration Test (PenTest) is an authorized simulation of a possible cyberattack against your IT systems performed with no malicious intent. The primary purpose of a PenTest is to find exploitable vulnerabilities before the bad guys so that they can be appropriately mitigated.

A PenTest generally concludes with the presentation of a formal report detailing all the findings. This document should contain at least two main sections: an executive summary where the assessment team explains the process and findings in a high-level manner, as well as a technical summary where the more in-depth details are discussed. This latter section is to be provided to the IT support team responsible for applying mitigation solutions, so they know exactly how to address the concerns identified during the PenTest.

PenTests can help identify possible security holes before an attacker can, discover possible vulnerabilities in a network or computer program, and provide information that can help IT teams mitigate vulnerabilities while building in safeguarding solutions against specific attacks.

How Often and What to Include In a PenTest

The best practice is to have a PenTest performed on an annual basis as it can enhance your organization’s security posture.

  • NOTE: it is important to separate duties between your IT and IT Security. Click here to learn why it is critical to keep your IT and IT cyber vendors separate. 

New vulnerabilities are identified on existing software on a continuous basis. Further, networks are not static. Over time new software and infrastructure are added to them which need security evaluation. Having a PenTest performed on a recurring basis will ensure gaps in your network defenses are discovered and addressed in a timely manner.

Things to include in a PenTest vary and often may be driven by the organization’s industry and applicable regulations. The scope of a PenTest generally will include all internal and external assets – including any cloud-based systems. It is important to evaluate the security posture of all IT managed systems to ensure all possible weaknesses are identified and satisfactorily addressed.

How Do I Get A PenTest

Often, PenTests may be bundled with other security assessment services such as phishing, cloud hygiene assessments, or even risk assessments. Each of these activities are similarly designed to help you understand where weaknesses in your security program exist and allow you to further improve your risk posture.

BW Cyber’s assessment team is made up of a group of highly technical cybersecurity experts who each hold multiple PenTest related certifications. These individuals use the same methodology and tools used by those bad actors. The goal of any PenTest engagement with BW Cyber is to provide you with a full understanding of all your technical risks while providing you with a prioritized list of actions to deploy to further reduce or eliminate your risks.

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