Threat Alert: Patch Immediately if you Use Barracuda for Email Security


On May 19, email and network security solutions provider, Barracuda, “identified a vulnerability in our Email Security Gateway (ESG) appliance”.

Specifically, the module “initially screens the attachments of incoming emails,” was affected, and the firm deployed a security patch on May 20th followed by a second patch on May 21st.

If you’re a Barracuda user – and there are many of them – then, if you haven’t patched already, please do so urgently. But also, check your networks for any other systems that might have been compromised. Barracuda responded to this swiftly, which is good, but it’s important to remember that you may have other systems which might have suffered a knock-on effect.

Whenever a cybersecurity breach occurs, regardless of the technology provider, a complete review of your systems is an unfortunate necessity.