Google Chrome Vulnerability – Upgrade your browser immediately


Date Issued: April 4th, 2022

Systems Affected: Google Chrome versions prior to 100.0.4896.75

BW Cyber, LLC wants you to be aware of a very important warning from Google Chrome which has recently released a Risk Alert regarding a vulnerability in Google Chrome that could allow for arbitrary code execution – currently, there are no reports of this vulnerability being exploited in the wild.

The risk for both Government and Business Entities of all sizes is HIGH, as opposed to the risk level of Home Owners is LOW.

Chrome recommends all organizations—regardless of size—adopt a heightened posture when it comes to cybersecurity and protecting their most critical assets. Recommended actions include:

  • Apply the stable channel update provided by Google to vulnerable systems immediately after appropriate testing.
  • Run all software as a non-privileged user (one without administrative privileges) to diminish the effects of a successful attack.
  • Remind users not to visit un-trusted websites or follow links provided by unknown or un-trusted sources.
  • Inform and educate users regarding the threats posed by hypertext links contained in emails or attachments, especially from un-trusted sources.
  • Apply the Principle of Least Privilege to all systems and services.

Implementing these steps will ensure protection for your people and your business are fully protected.

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