Criminals Want To Take Over Your Company’s Web Page!

Website vulnerability

Are you checking your web page for potential vulnerabilities – even if the web page is static and not connected to your broader IT environment?

You had better. We are seeing an increase in criminals targeting static web pages to use these websites for various criminal activities; pursuits that can severely affect your company’s reputation on a good day, and result in your webpage being shut down and black listed world-wide on a bad one.

With a recent spate of IT media coverage of WordPress vulnerabilities, it’s become much easier for criminals to break into your company’s web page and take it over. While this attack may not affect access to your company network or your cloud data, it can become an extremely embarrassing reputational event with long-lasting consequences.

The simple solution is to ensure that your company’s webpage is being scanned along with your firewall on either a weekly or monthly basis – and patched immediately should a vulnerability be found.