Combatting the Risks of Working From Home at the 2022 Cybersecurity Forum


BW Cyber President Michael Brice was a panelist on the CFA Society of New York’s Cybersecurity Forum’s recent webinar with guidance on keeping your data secure even when you’re working from home.

  • The rise in remote work environments has brought along with it a rise in cyber risk. When employees take all of a company’s data home with them, they lose the level of security that an office provides.
  • Working remotely opens a company up to uncharted waters: regulations, office policies, and cybersecurity coverage all become murkier and must be realigned to fit in our new world.
  • In this webinar, cybersecurity leaders discussed how financial firms can cover their weak spots within a remote or hybrid work model – because adapting to a shift towards remote work introduces a swarm of new threats, and your cybersecurity coverage has to keep up.


While all enterprises have data that is particularly private, financial firms hold some of the most sensitive and confidential data of all. The safety of their and their clients’ information is critical for the survival of their business, and virtual interfaces can exponentially compromise their safety. In this webinar, you’ll learn what to look out for and how to get ahead of it – as well as what you need in a comprehensive cybersecurity partnership.

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