On June 2, 2021, the White House issued a statement to all corporate executives and business leaders advising on how to protect against the threat of ransomware.  The letter discussed the prevalence of ransomware events, and that it will take both the public and private sectors working together to combat this threat and strengthen our Nation’s resilience to cyber-attacks. Here are some of the best practices outlined that you can employ to protect your organization:

    1. Implement the five best practices from the President’s Executive Order
        • Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
        • Endpoint Detection & Response
        • Encryption
        • Skilled & Empowered Security Team
        • Information Sharing
    2. Backup your data, system images, and configurations, regularly test them, and ensure backups are kept offline
    3. Update and patch systems promptly
        • Maintain the security of operating systems, applications, and firmware in a timely manner.
        • Use a Risk-Based Assessment Strategy to Drive your Patch Management Program
    4. Use a 3rd party service to review and test your response and business continuity plans
    5. Test your security team and their ability to defend against sophisticated attacks by conducting pentesting through a 3rd party vendor
    6. Segment your networks. Identify and develop workarounds to segment corporate business functions and manufacturing/production operations in order to keep them separated.

How BW Cyber Services Can Help

While there is no single way to prevent being targeted, BW Cyber Services can help you develop a comprehensive cyber compliance security program to prevent and respond to future attacks which affect your operations. We can assess the risks in your organization, review your response plans, conduct phishing campaigns and penetration testing, and we offer a variety of other services to meet your cybersecurity needs. For more information on how BW Cyber Services can assist you, please contact us at info@bwcyberservices.com.