Enterprise Risk Assessment

Conducting an Enterprise Risk Assessment can be a taxing endeavor. It involves coordination with key organization, partner, and vendor personnel to identify threats, critical risks, and impacts to business reputation and operations should an incident occur.
BW Cyber can perform this process by conducting a series of workshops with people who most impact the organization’s risk. Through fostering discussions with IT and business operations personnel concerning key security controls, your organization’s leadership team will be educated to the threats which could have the greatest impact as well as how to reduce or even eliminate those risks.

Cyber Written Information Security Policy (WISP) Development

The development of Cyber policy is a critical component of every cyber program. Without policy, you can’t manage or oversee any type of reasonable compliance program. We provide industry best practices that are custom-tailored to each client’s unique environment. The key to our policy development (and a key to your ongoing policy success) is our reliance on a set of pragmatic policies that can easily be implemented, and more importantly – managed and attested to on a monthly/quarterly basis. Our expertise will ensure you have a reasonable set of cyber security policies that your IT team or outsource IT MSP can implement seamlessly to ensure ongoing protections.

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