Investor Cyber Due Diligence

More frequently savvy investors, family offices, and institutional allocators will send include Cyber Due Diligence requests for information regarding a manager’s cybersecurity program. In these instances, BW Cyber works on both sides of the equation (either to assist with the investor’ Due Diligence process or to assist managers’ responses to Investor Cyber Due Diligence inquiries. In either role, we develop Cybersecurity Due Diligence processes and/or Cyber Due Diligence responses based on a combination of existing program activities and regulatory requirements.

For managers, without disclosing any critical information, the response will demonstrate to potential investors how your organization’s cybersecurity plan and related cyber implementation activities have been implemented in the form of a continuous cybersecurity improvement program.

For the investors, we possess the detailed understanding to ask the right questions to identify any key risks (think breach, data protection, legal risk or wire fraud) as well as related regulatory compliance shortfalls that might affect an investment decision.

Cybersecurity Insurance Evaluation & Selection

While BW Cyber is not an insurer, we do understand the intricacies of cybersecurity insurance and bring a network of strong cyber insurance partnerships to our customers.

IT MSP RFP & Vendor Selection

Often asset management firms have a rolodex collection of IT support. In addition to the added management oversight it required for support requests and invoicing, when tallied together the costs are generally much higher than using a single vendor to manage the entire IT ecosystem. Further, if an organization is considering moving to a new IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), sole sourcing can have drawbacks such as no competitive pricing or required security controls baked into their proposal.

BW Cyber can shepherd the IT MSP selection process. Using a multi-phased approach, our consultants can help draft an initial Request for Proposal (RFP), collect and analyze proposals, and arm your organization with the knowledge necessary to make a fiscally sound and security-minded decision. Optionally, upon selection, BW Cyber can provide oversight of the migration and implementation stages which begin upon awarding a contract to a new IT MSP.

Expert Witness Testimony

Computer Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) Expert Witness Services for our Clients

The objective of ANY computer forensics expert witness service is that details requires diligence. When preparing to perform an examination or testifying in court, the effort required, can be Herculean. The leveraging of the knowledge, skills and abilities, with high-end tools to perform the work, allows us to share our fact finding output, with you and your legal counsel. BW Cyber provides court qualified professionals who possess extensive computer forensics experience at the digital level as well as working with the private clients, the US court system, law enforcement, and the US military.


What does a DFIR Computer Expert do?

We will investigate, report, and if desired, testify on personal or criminal issues requiring a Computer Forensics Expert Witness. Equally as important to our experience, our DFIR experts possess an extensive set of forensic certifications to ensure our testimony (if required) cannot be impeached.

General Security Consulting

BW Cyber is dedicated to protecting every aspect of your organization from the growing cyber threats present in today’s digital world. Our team members are highly trained and certified professionals who have held senior roles with Government security clearances. Our team has the expertise to guide you through any cyber challenges and goals your program may need such as:

  • vCISO
  • Security Policy Review
  • Security Policy Development
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Incident Response Training

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