wire fraud webinar

December 9, 2021

Mitigating Risks of Wire Fraud in Private Capital Markets

​Don’t miss your opportunity to gain insider knowledge on best practices and the latest tools that could save your organization from wire fraud.

The event will be hosted by Tony Chung, Chief Revenue Officer, WireSecure, along with Scott Neuberger, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Karmel Capital, Anthony Mascia, Co-Founder, Managing Partner, EFSI, and Michael Brice, Founder and President, BW Cyber.

May 3, 2021

The SmartMoneyMatch Capital Introduction Summit

Michael Brice will be a featured Cybersecurity speaker for the SmartMoneyMatch Capital Introduction Summit.

June 3, 2021

2021 Deal Summit Panel Focus: Cybersecurity

Michael Brice will be a panelist providing an overview of cybersecurity risk assessments, along with security policies for intrusion prevention, detection, and response.

November 2020

NYSSCPA Digital Assets, Cybersecurity, and Audits Tech Session

Michael Brice will be providing cybersecurity training focused on Digital Assets and Cyber Security.

October 2020

Biggest Cyber Challenges Facing CEOs Today

Michael Brice, Founder and President of BW Cyber, recently sat down with Mr. James Rosebush (former advisor to Ronald Reagan) for an insightful one-on-one interview in Real-Leaders Magazine.

October 2020

HFA Webinar: Perspectives on Fraud, Money Laundering & Cybersecurity

Michael Brice will be a panelist speaking about critical cybersecurity threats related to fraud, financial crime and forensic analysis.

cybersecurity and crime insurance

August 2020

Cybersecurity and Crime Insurance in the Alternatives Industry

Michael Brice and Pat Riley, Senior Vice President at Towne Insurance, share the most common cyber fraud risks affecting asset managers.

wire fraud & remote workforce protections

May 2020

Wire Fraud & Remote Operations – What Every Company Needs to Know

Michael Brice, Beth Cronenweth and Anthony Mascia teamed up to present Wire Fraud and Remote Operations and What Every Company Needs to Know during an online Q&A.

Incident Response Plan

April 2020

Hacked? Will Your Incident Response Plan Pass The Stress Test?

Michael Brice presented on Incident Response Plan alongside Joseph Bartolo from Alaric during a recent webinar.

wire fraud

April 2020

7 Questions to Ask Now to Protect Your Workforce and Prevent Wire Fraud

Michael Brice and Anthony Mascia recently spoke on 7 questions to protect the security of your remote workforce during a virtual Q&A.

Risk Assessment

October 2018

Cybersecurity for Executives Certificates Program

Michael Brice spoke at the Cybersecurity for Executives Certificates Program in conjunction with The University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business, The USF School of Public and the Florida Center for Cybersecurity.

cyber services in action

July 2018

Private Equity CFO Summit

Michael Brice participated as a Cybersecurity Expert Panelist at Silicon Valley Bank’s July 2018 Private Equity CFO Summit.

Compliance Assessment

June 2018

National Futures Association

Micheal Brice participated as an Expert Panelist for the National Futures Association, a cybersecurity workshop in Chicago.

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