$10 Million Reward for Sandworm Group


The US government has offered up to $10 million in rewards for those who can provide information on six Russian state hackers.

Key Takeaways:

  • The federal US government is offering a $10 million bounty in search of information on six Russian hackers associated with Sandworm, an advanced group of malicious attackers that has established a long-term target on Ukraine.
  • The hackers’ previous attacks and skills include spear-phishing and malware, having gained unauthorized access and infected computers within international critical infrastructure facilities.
  • Sandworm as a whole recently launched sophisticated malware such as Cyclops Blink and an upgraded model of Industroyer; the agents themselves were also indicted in 2020 for wire fraud and aggravated identity theft after the deployment of other destructive malware.

Why it Matters:

  • The government’s persistence to find these hackers is due to their direct violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; the Rewards of Justice has requested that individuals submit tips anonymously through Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, or their Tor website.
  • Threat actors are working individually and in advanced groups such as Sandworm to launch harmful campaigns across the globe – usually with the intent to disrupt and destabilize nations, draining them of money and resources.
  • As the target on the United States continues to grow, it’s crucial that American businesses take the necessary steps to prevent themselves from falling victim to a detrimental attack. Partnering with a cybersecurity firm can help you to assess the gaps within your company and implement the precautions that you need.


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